Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Rich or Sporer lives on...
It's been exactly a month since I put a darn thing up here and it hasn't been because I've been neglecting sports. Between school, work and the new sports radio gig I've been involved in, my writing time has all but disappeared. However, I won't let Rich or Sporer die. I really enjoy writing and once the semester ends I hope to get on a every other day pattern of writing during the winter. The awards have been given, the first few trades have transpired and Boston & New York are at each other's throats for the available stars. I will not go backwards on all of those and waste time with old news.

As I mentioned, I've been involved in sports radio of late and it's been some great experience. If anyone cares to listen, you can listen on the internet at every Tuesday night at 7 PM central and Friday morning at 9 AM central time. I've also been filling in substitute slots, including tonight at 8 PM central. If you get a chance to listen, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback. A schedule recap of when you can listen in:

Every Tuesday 7PM to 8PM Central
Every Friday 9AM to 10AM Central
Wednesday 11/26 8PM to 9PM Central
Sunday 11/30 3AM to 5AM Central


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