Friday, October 03, 2003

Redman throws verbal strikes...
Florida Marlins pitcher Mark Redman hasn't pitched in the NLDS against San Francisco yet, but he's already throwing strikes... with his mouth. The game 3 starter said of slugger Barry Bonds, "He's just another guy up there with a bat," which to a point is true. I'm not sure I would be talking about Bonds in a nonchalant way, but I love the way Redman handled it. He went on to say, "This is not a time to be intimidated by anyone. I'm a guy that's given the ball and supposed to throw strikes. If I need to walk the guy because I'm told to walk the guy, then I'll walk the guy." He is right. As each game comes up, it's the most important of the season.

Sure Bonds has been a superfreak with the bat in recent years, but a lot of that is fear driven. Not to take anything away from Bonds and what he's done, but once the fear grew to enormous levels, it made his job quite a bit easier. I really hope Redman is allowed by manager Jack McKeon to go right at Bonds at 3:00 PM Central on Friday afternoon. It's the one strategy I truly in hate in baseball, "I'm not gonna let Bonds beat me..." which rivals the football one regarding QBs that, "Just play not to lose the game..." Playing scared gets you beat. Play the game to the best of your ability and see where you come out at the end.

By walking Bonds all the time, he's essentially hitting 1.000 since he gets a base each time, but if you pitch to him more than not, he's not going to hit 1.000. He's going to hit, it's a fact, he's a great player, but you have to take some chances and if you get him out on that one play where you were going to just walk him, it can be the difference between an NLCS bid and an early golf game in South Beach. I share a lot of the same beliefs about this topic that ESPN's Rob Neyer does and since he wrote his piece first, I'll save you the regurgitation and direct you to him.

I'm back...
Those of you that have been coming to the site only to find nothing new probably thought the blog died. Well it hasn't and there have been plenty of things I wanted to write about, but the time just wasn't there. School and work is a tough schedule to juggle and then most of my writing time was going towards the football side of things. Stick around for more postseason coverage and if you like football, especially college, check out the other site.