Monday, October 20, 2003

Series tied at one en route to Florida

I was gone for most of the week last week, but didn't miss the baseball action that took place. I didn't have computer access unfortunately, so I couldn't report my thoughts regarding the finales of the LCS matchups or the opener of the World Series. Tons of great baseball. As the playoffs were progressing, there was so much talk about how baseball was indeed back. The ratings would bare that out in even, but with both Chicago and Boston losing their seventh games, it could be an anti-climatic finish for the "common" fan. Many wanted at least one, if not both the Cubs and Red Sox in the Series; they got neither. The Yankees were expected to route Marlins, but it's been cut to a five game series as they split in New York on Saturday and Sunday. Play resumes Tuesday in Florida as Josh Beckett faces Mike Mussina.