Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's That Time Again
I'm back after just a few postings during the fantastic offseason. With school and work, I hope to get at least an every other day rotation going before the season starts if not the daily grind.

Prior to Today...
There was little concern in being a Mark Prior owner. Whether be as the Cubs or in a fantasy baseball league, having Prior anchoring your staff was about as good as it gets. In fact, I was in a discussion at Rotojunkie.com regarding the rotation order when I said the following:

"Secondly, Prior owners should be happy all the time, they are Prior owners."

Whoops, jumped the gun a little bit maybe. Today it is being reported that Prior will miss five to ten days with an inflamed right Achilles tendon and that he may not start as many pre-season games as normal. The prevailing thought is that this is of little concern and the time off is a precautionary measure. The outlying benefit is that if he throws two fewer starts in the pre-season, that's two fewer starts that Prior owners have to sweat out worrying about how their season could come crashing down.

Bonds, Sheffield, Giambi reported for steroids.
A report has come out saying that a group athletes that includes Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi did in fact received steroids as well as other performance enchancing supplements from the BALCO. This saga continues to unfold and it looks less likely by the day that these guys achieved their power numbers legitimately. Some morons contend that fans should look the other way on potential steroid use and that they almost certainly would should it come to light that their team's superstar were fingered in such a case. I'm not naive enough to think that steroid use isn't going on, if not prevalent among athletes, but that doesn't mean I give it a free pass. I want it out and I want it out as soon as possible. I'm ok with 47 HRs leading the league, I'm ok with guys under 165 lbs. hitting 10 or fewer home runs, and I'm ok with punishing guys, no matter how much I liked them, if they are caught breaking the rules.

Cheating should never be acceptable and it's a completely ridiculous notion to suggest that there are instances in which it should. Especially when the backup for that argument is, "I like offense". Then watch Arena Football. I like integrity and legitimacy. If I wanted fake, hyped up garbage, I'd watch wrestling or reality TV. Fact of the matter is, there are three very prominent baseball players on a dark road right now and it will hurt baseball if they are found guilty of wrongdoing, but the problem needs to be stamped out immediately. Baseball waited this long and now it's come to a head. Their current namby-pamby system where you can be caught 326 times before anyone even knows or you receive any type of penalty is worthless and an insult to the fans that want an honest game on the field.

Baseball didn't lose me in 1994 and it won't lose me over this issue... IF it's taken care of propely and swiftly. That's a mighty big "if" at this point.


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