Wednesday, March 31, 2004

New Home... for at least 30 days
I've signed up with TypePad on a 30-day trial and as such, For Rich or Sporer can be found here.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

DRays Win Faux Opener
While I'm extremely that "real" baseball is virtually here, I do not consider the New York Yankees - Tampa Bay Devil Rays game in Japan at 4:00 AM Central this morning the opener. It was great to watch, but America's past time doesn't truly get going until Sunday, April 4th at 7:05 Central when Pedro Martinez faces off against Sidney Ponson in Camden Yards on ESPN. I was up to catch most of this morning's action and have a few observations for those that may've missed it:

Don't think that just because he went yard, Jason Giambi's power hasn't faded. It was an opposite field pop out in many parks.

The Tampa Bay lineup is not half bad. Their big three (Huff, Baldelli, and Crawford) went 3-for-14, imagine what will happen when they hit.

The stitched advertisments on the teams' uniforms has got to go, this isn't NASCAR.

A.Rod took a ball from Jeter and made it look easy. It was really funny to those that dislike Jeter.

Too bad he wasn't as hot as the plate with 2 Ks, including frozen pizza in the first.

Do not put too much stock into this preseason game. Yeah, it counts in the standings and fantasy leagues, but get back to me after 30-35 games and we'll see where these two teams stand.

Tampa Bay won 8-3.

Griffey Hurt
It's really not even funny anymore. It's just sad and makes you really feel for the guy, unless you hate him I guess, but Ken Griffey Jr. strained his calf on Monday. Reports are that it is not serious, but I have to imagine that the Reds will downplay any injury because of Griffey's past. Even if this injury isn't serious as Reds trainers predict, you can almost bank on another, future injury putting Griffey on the shelf.